Advantages vs Disadvantages of using Nextcloud

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Nextcloud, in my opinion, is a great open source cloud application that allows anyone to self-host their own private cloud!!! But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

Advantages of Self-Hosting Nextcloud

With the recent release of Nextcloud 13, Nextcloud has never been more stable and easy to use! But do the advantages outweigh all the disadvantages and work required to setup and maintain Nextcloud? Well look no further, refer to the advantages below:

Advantage List
  • Completely private and settings to encrypt all your uploaded documents
  • Fast and Lightweight
  • Most likely cheaper to add more storage to Nextcloud as to Google Drive
  • Completely Customizable with plugins and more
  • Open-source
  • You can create storage quotas and add other users to possibly rent your cloud…
  • A Nextcloud app is available on iOS and Android for file and image uploads…

Seems like Nextcloud is great and all, how do I start? Well before you jump the gun, I recommend you keep on reading!


With that hefty list of advantages self-hosting, one may be thinking, “could there possibly be any disadvantages”? The truth is, no one piece of software is ever perfect or flawless…

So what are the disadvantages of self-hosting Nextcloud? Well, start reading the next few lines to find out!

Disadvantage list
  • Any problems that will occur, you will have to fix manually
  • You’re in charge of making sure the cloud is kept up to date and secure
  • If the filesystem corrupts or is destroyed, you will be the only one to blame…

Now, now, I know this is a short list of disadvantages, but it is a very broad and accurate one…

For example; Just imagine that there is a bug keeping you from signing in on your mobile phone…

Now imagine, that you have to fix that bug yourself by looking through log files and attempting to ask questions on forums and fix it yourself…

It is a long and definitely not fun journey that self-hosters experience…


In conclusion, if you’re outweighing the advantages and disadvantages of running your own cloud or just using Google’s…

My advice would be to determine what you want to accomplish… What I mean by this is, are you actually interested in managing your own cloud, or do you want a nice and simple setup that you just pay monthly for?

You can find the source-code for Nextcloud on GitHub, here

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