4 Reasons Not to Use DigitalOcean in 2019

DigitalOcean seems like a one-stop shop for just about anybody… It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or the best System Admin in the world… Millions of users are hitting that “Sign Up” button for DigitalOcean.

But like anything else in life, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Stay with me.

Pitfalls of DigitalOcean

Note: The numbered list below has no established hierarchy

#1 – Customer Support

DigitalOcean Support Page

I’ve been using DigitalOcean for roughly 6 months as of [post date], and I’ve got a thing or two to say about it!

First of all, I’ve had to contact their support team on multiple occasions for some of the reasons you will find in this post.

Upon each support ticket I’ve created, I’ve usually had to wait around ~5 hours for the conversation to get started…

And then I’d say within the next day or two the issue would be resolved and closed.

The amount of time it takes to resolve an issue is not bad, and I’m not complaining. What the problem is, is that I don’t find I usually get the response I’m looking for.

Through the said problem I’m contacting them about, I think anyone would expect for the “Usage” costs to be covered as the problem was there fault. Instead, they simply just say “the problem has been resolved and have a nice day!”

I find this especially annoying as I’ve taken time out of my day to inform them of problems I’m experiencing with their services, and they still expect you to pay for the service.

#2 – DigitalOcean Spaces

Spaces – Upload Speeds

DigitalOcean Spaces

The second pitfall having to do with “DigitalOcean Spaces.” One day, I thought I’d just try it out and mess around with it, until I realized that the [Spaces] upload speeds were horrendous.

I’m not complaining that it was just a slow day in terms of the “Spaces” upload speeds, as I tested my average upload speed for the entire week, using large .iso files.

After that week, I found that my average upload speed at various points in the day were in the Kbps.

I thought that these upload speeds (and did others on the support forum) were ridiculous and unusable. Especially if you had large files you needed to upload.

Spaces – Availability

DigitalOcean has been kind enough to send notices to it’s users when problems arise with it’s services – which can be found at status.digitalocean.com.

Furthermore, I suggest that you navigate to this page and view the alerts under the “September 2018” section(this is when I tested Spaces).

I suggest that you do a simple “Crtl + f” search, and search “Spaces.” After doing so, I believe you will find around ~20 hits regarding DO Spaces in just one month of service(Minus the mention of “Spaces” in the paragraphs).

Not only is Spaces looking like it has a lot of problems correlated to it… I’ve also encountered many of these problems and more – including: Degraded Hardware (unable to access my Space), horribly slow network speeds, and decreased stability.

Moving on.

#3 – Unreliable Droplet Speeds

DigitalOcean Create Menu

In addition to the slow upload speeds I’ve encountered in “Spaces,” I’ve also encountered even worse network reliability issues with their Droplets.

I’m really just talking about the upload speeds I’ve encountered with their Droplets.

I tested the upload/download speeds on multiple droplets in different datacenters around the world, and…

I deem the speeds unreliable as 1 minute I’m getting well over 3 Gbps/upload, and then 15 minutes later I’m only getting 4 Mbps/upload. I’m not exaggerating around either. If you doubt me, just search “DigitalOcean network speeds.”

This is by definition unreliable as I’m experiencing a drastic change of +750% in my upload speeds. Ridiculous.

#4 – Glitchy Interface

Lastly, let’s talk about some of the glitches I’ve experienced using DO’s User Interface (UI)…

  • Usage bill showing “$0.00,” when in reality it’s not. FALSE ADVERTISING?
  • Snapshots not appearing, though I’m still actively being charged for them.
  • Kubernetes Deployment – HORRIBLE – upon deletion, they somehow came back alive 5 minutes later… In short, I realized they weren’t deleted a couple of days later when I received the “billing alert,” and I still couldn’t delete them (still being charged for them). I was forced to contact the dreaded DO support team.
DigitalOcean Kubernetes


In conclusion, I’ve experienced some pretty rough times with DO in the past, which are summed up below:

  • Insensitive Customer Support
  • Unreliable Spaces
  • Unpredictable + Unreliable Network Speeds
  • Glitchy Interfaces

This is not just a rant post… It’s more like a “Hey DigitalOcean, fix this!”

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