Advantages vs Disadvantages of Shared-Hosting

Shared-Hosting plans can have enticing prices and even better plans than some of the other web-hosting options! But, what is shared hosting and is it worth it?

What is Shared-Hosting?

So first of all, what is shared-hosting? Well, this type of web hosting service refers to the fact that all of the to-be hosted websites on it, will reside on one web server… Furthermore; this means all of the system’s resources will be shared throughout all of the users.


Before we dive head first into the “advantages vs disadvantages” of shared-hosting, we must discuss a little history in order to become a little more familiar with its origins…

Shared-hosting arose in the late 1990’s as the need for small and large business to have an online presence grew! As this “need” continued to grow, some businesses could not afford to buy and setup their own web hosting servers… So, to fix this issue (and make a little money!), the companies that had already setup their own websites… Had begun to offer to setup websites on their infrastructure with their expertise to the ignorant smaller more ignorant companies.

Thus, Shared-Hosting was born!


Shared-Hosting may scare off a few people by the name… But it’s important to understand all of your options and what works and what doesn’t work for you! Therefore; below you will find a bullet-pointed list of all your advantages of shared-hosting!

  • Generally Cheaper
  • Requires no Hardware Maintenance
  • Bare Minimum System-Administration Required by Users
  • Most Likely to Have Higher System Resources
  • Usually Include an Easy to Use Control Panel (cPanel)


As mentioned a little previously, it’s important to understand your options when it comes to shared-hosting! As used previously, there will be a list of disadvantages below!

  • Resources are Shared Throughout all the Servers Users
  • No Root Access to System
  • Hard to Configure Server to Options not Available in the Control Panel
  • No SSH access unless it’s Jailed
  • System Performance can Take Hits on Overloaded Systems


All in all, I’d recommend shared-hosting to people interested in hosting a website for their first time, or to anyone who is just interested in low maintenance website hosting! On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend shared-hosting to techies who are interested in micro-managing their servers/websites as they don’t have root level access to it!

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  1. NerdOfLinux says:

    You can still micromange your website via “.htaccess” files. And, jailed SSH access is more than enough to create themes on WordPress, or work on your own PHP projects. I don’t know about all hosting providers, but Namecheap’s jailed SSH access even comes with git and composer. You can also set cronjobs, which I use for backing up my site to another server.

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