Advantages of Windows over Linux?

Since the beginning of time, I’ve written about the advantages of Linux over Windows… Now I feel like its time to even the playing field and do quite the opposite! So here are a few advantages that Windows has over Linux!

Getting Familiar!

To start, we will be comparing the latest versions of Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04!

In the list below, I will only be making advantage comparisons of Windows over Ubuntu as this will help stay true to the title, and help correlate with previous posts!

Oh and also, my “advantage” list will be based on my short research and will most likely 🙂 not be influenced by my past experiences, but rather the experience one would receive today with the systems!

The actual LIST!

Below you will find the actual list of advantages of Windows over Linux! If you feel like one of the advantages isn’t true or you have a suggestion, please leave a comment below and let me know exactly why!

Advantages of Windows over Linux!

1.) Larger Consumer Market Share –> Basically this means that more products will support Windows and more often than not… The products will be better built and maintained!

2.) Ease of use –> As mentioned previously, Windows has a larger consumer market share… In effect, this means that there are quite a bit more ordinary people out there that are more familiar with Windows and can operate it more efficiently and productively! This, in turn, leads to a greater ease of use as more people can help solve common problems and whatnot!

3.) Hardware support –> I’m not going to argue that Windows has better hardware support than Ubuntu… Although, I am going to say that a wide variety of hardware is half decently optimized for use on Windows!

4.) Stability –> Before releasing public Windows updates, Microsoft usually has the updates run through a wide-range of beta-testers to ensure that the code is mostly error free.

Wrap up

Well, this about wraps up our “Advantages of Windows over Linux” post! If you’re interested in my argument of Linux over Windows, you can check the related link(s) below!

Do you think these advantages out weight Linux’s advantages? Leave a comment below to further the thought!


  1. NerdOfLinux says:

    Nothing is easier than ChromeOS 🙂

  2. Bobby says:

    wow, this is great blog explaining advantages of windows over linux. tanks for sharing it!

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