Here’s 3 Reasons why it is Nearly Impossible to Hide on the Internet

The Internet practically keeps the galaxy as we know it connected… Literally!!! But as most of us know… This is at the expense of its users…

What am I talking about?

Well to put it simply, just about all sites nowadays track its users in one form or another. Be it logging or an analytics service; it is being done none the less! Therefore; making it near impossible to remain considerably hidden or anonymous on the internet… This is also considering the use of a simple VPN setup or proxy!

Without further ado, here are 3 clear reasons why it is near impossible to hide on the Internet!

3 Reasons

Reason #1

Analytic Services

Analytic services are one of the primary reasons why it is incredibly hard to remain hidden on the internet. Major analytic sites, such as Google Analytics are on the majority of sites and collect all sorts of personally identifiable information such as your geographic location, Operating System, web browser, age (if applicable), gender(if applicable)… And a good amount of other personal information!

My point is, is that Analytic services make it near impossible to hide on the internet without using extra software to deter this global surveillance!

Reason #2

Prying ISP eyes

With net neutrality officially dead, Internet Service Providers (ISP) will be able to not only track everything you do even further, they will also most likely sell all your data (such as the sites you visit, the time you spend on them, what you do, etc…) to third parties!

This is essentially another huge blow to the public’s privacy, as it decreases your privacy on the internet in your own home!

Reason #3

Having an online account…

To simply put it, anywhere where you sign in online with an account tied to your name… You will most likely be tracked to the fullest extent possible as we’ve seen lately with Google and Facebook…

These companies will track pretty much your every move and store this data indefinitely… Every chance they get, they will either sell your data or hold it and use it for data analysis and then sell it (not always the case)…


To wrap things up, a simple VPN or proxy setup will not save your privacy in today’s age… If you’re willing, you will need to take drastic measures to ensure your privacy! These “measures” include anything from constantly switching VPN’s to using the Tor browser with extra relays and bridges!

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