What is XML-RPC on WordPress?

XML-RPC plays a critical role on the WordPress platform in today’s world… But what is even XML-RPC on WordPress?

What is XML-RPC?

Heres a quick and simple definition of XML-RPC:

XML-RPC: the RPC part in “XML-RPC” stands for “Remote Procedure Call” and the XML simply refers to the fact that it uses XML to encode its HTTP calls!

Well, this XML-RPC stuff sounds useful and all, but how does it apply to me and my blog?

How it relates to WordPress!

One of the more prominent examples of how XML-RPC relates to WordPress is a very popular plugin called Jetpack (made by WordPress.com)!

Jetpack basically tries to bring the power and infrastructure of WordPress.com to self-hosted sites –> Like this one!

How does “Jetpack” do it?

Basically, this plugin issues an XML-RPC request to your WordPress site and if the request is successful, it should run a procedure that calculates your site’s visitors analytics and return them! This is how Jetpack is able to provide you with “Site Stats”.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only use for XML-RPC  as it is especially useful to third parties and plugins!

Worried about XML-RPC attacks?

As with all software, there is pretty much always going to be at least one security vulnerability! This is at least true with WordPress and  XML-RPC as the two combined are common services susceptible to brute force attacks.

Luckily, Jetpack has come up with a security module to mostly prevent these types of attacks! You can find more information on this subject here!

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