Why WordPress is better than Drupal!

As Drupal’s and WordPress’s popularity grows it is becoming harder and harder to spot the differences between the two CMS platforms.  Heres why WordPress wins!

Before we begin

Before we begin, let me just say a few words up front about this post! This post has been written entirely in my own experience and has not been influenced by any other creature…

Oh, and also I have done testing and research with both platforms prior to this post! Without out further ado, let’s dive in!

Getting Familiar

To begin, both WordPress and Drupal are competing CMS (Content Management System) platforms and currently, WordPress holds the lead… And not just by 1 or 2 percent of the market share either, by about 56% according to w3techs!

This is a major lead WordPress has considering that Drupal beat WordPress to the CMS game by about 3 years!

Both WordPress and Drupal, to my knowledge support Unix-like and Windows operating systems!

Both platforms are written in PHP, although some additional not-recommend plugins could be added!

Why WordPress beats Drupal!

In light of WordPress’s enormous lead on Drupal, WordPress continues to gain market share while Drupal has actually begun losing its market share!

Drupal isn’t losing customers for no reason though!

Refer to the list below on how exactly WordPress is better:

  • WordPress’s setup is much simpler and much easier to maintain than Drupals! Especially in the backend!
  • WordPress has a great community that is willing to answer any questions you may have
  • Drupal doesn’t have the wide range variety of third-party plugins like WordPress!
  • Drupal has suffered a major hit due to a severe exploit in Drupal’s core(Find more here)!
  • WordPress is effortless to maintain and keep secure!


At the day’s end, Drupal is still a great platform and all but just remember… There is a reason why WordPress maintains and gains a heck of a lot more market share than Drupal!

Leave a comment below on whether you think WordPress or Drupal is better and why! Try to not to keep the comments to heated! 🙂

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