Why do most websites run Linux?

Did you know that pretty much all websites, no matter the size, are most likely run on Linux? You may be asking yourself why is Linux so popular then?

Why is Linux so popular in Website hosting?

According to w3tech, Unix/Linux makes up roughly 67% of all operating systems for websites as of 2018…  This is, of course, opposed to Windows which in contrast makes up slightly less than 33% of all operating systems for websites…

So what in the world is making *nix so popular in web hosting? Could it be its charming name or its price tag? Well, you can refer to the list of advantages of using Linux below and draw your own conclusions(or not!):

  • Linux is entirely free and there are no hidden fees or costs associated with using it, unlike Windows…
  • Linux has proven to be stable in the past…
  • Linux can handle a  large number of requests with very little resources…
  • Most used and reliable web servers are built to primarily be used on Linux
  • Linux is secure and has little-known security vulnerabilities

Now, of course, you should keep in mind that Windows also makes up a good 33% of all websites OS’es… With this being said, people that use Windows Server are either inexperienced and don’t know much about Linux or they’re die-hard Window’s fans(Window’s fans can vary…)!!!

Why do I use Linux?

As most folks who come here daily know… I’m a huge Linux fan and this website is actually also run by Linux, but what you may not know is why I use Linux to host this glorious site?

Well, I use Linux for a lot of reasons, these include some of the listed above, and a few others dealing with privacy.

But perhaps the biggest reason of all is that I don’t have to worry about my website being readily available and working all the time… I can leave it alone for a week or a month and it won’t update and restart itself like Windows in my past experience…

Feel free to leave a  comment below on whether you use Windows server or a *nix server and why!

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