Is Uptime Actually Important on Computers?

Have you ever heard your friends bragging about their server uptime? But is it really that important?

What is uptime?

First of all, before we begin a controversial topic, let’s understand what uptime really is…  To simply put it, uptime is the time between when your computer first boots to the time it is turned off by any means(Such as power failure, shutdown, reboot, etc…). Anyways, an example of a limiting factor to one’s computer uptime can be daily upgrades as most operating systems require a reboot after a few upgrades!

Limiting Factors to Uptime

As I’ve briefly mentioned earlier, a deal breaker with uptime could possibly be system updates/upgrades… But a more broad list could include the following:

  • System Failure
  • New software installed and requires a reboot
  • The computer needs new parts, thus most likely requiring a reboot
  • Power failure

Is Uptime Actually Important?

Anyways, it’s time to get into the actual subject of this post. Is uptime truly important and if so, why?

In my opinion, uptime primarily depends on the user’s needs and wants but generally, I would say most users would want a pretty good uptime… To be more specific, I would say PC users wouldn’t mind rebooting every once in a while to get those new updates… But as to other users such as people hosting websites would care more about their computers uptime because it generally relates to the reliability of their site and a high server uptime can actually improve your site’s rankings against other underperforming sites…


In conclusion, I would say that regular home PC users shouldn’t care about their uptime as much as other people providing an online service because the users of the online service depend on its uptime… And if that server is down quite a lot, this could hurt their business but if the home users PC goes down it will probably only affect themselves…

Comment below on your computer’s uptime and if you agree or disagree!


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