Private Internet Access Review 2018

Private Internet Access ( or coincidentally P.I.A.), is one of the many VPN companies out there, but what makes them different from everyone else?

Getting familiar with P.I.A.

The company known as Private Internet Access is a company that as of now only sells VPN’s and they’re pretty good at it too… Currently, P.I.A. has VPN servers located in 44 regions and 29 countries. PIA was originally released sometime in August 2010 and have come to support a plethora of operating systems including, Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android, and my personal favorite Linux! PIA has software that can pretty much run on most operating systems and plus they have a Google Chrome extension too!

Advantages of using PIA

As with all companies, there are advantages and disadvantages of using their service… In this post, I will list a few advantages of using PIA…

To get started, as I’ve mentioned earlier, PIA supports an enormous amount of devices and has VPN protocols associated with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and SOCKS5… Corresponding to these protocols, on certain applications PIA allows you to choose what level of encryption you want to use, which is a nice feature if your mood is focused on speed or security…

Probably my favorite advantage of PIA is that they accept gift cards… This allows users that want to remain anonymous remain anonymous as tracking a gift card is harder than a credit card and plus your name is most likely not inscribed on it…

PIA also has a strict no log policy and says they don’t even need to use a search warrant canary, as it is pointless because they keep absolutely no logs and a search warrant would turn up the same thing every time… Nothing!

Finally, one of the best advantages of using PIA is that they have sponsored a good amount of open source technologies including Gnome, Letsencrypt, and Blender!

My opinion

After thorough research about PIA, I have come to the conclusion that PIA is a reasonable VPN company that has better than average standards as they have a strict no log policy, and are dedicated to their user’s privacy before profits… I have also noted that they have reasonable pricing as opposed to other companies…

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