How to Easily run Linux on a Chromebook

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with my Chromebook, and I’ve come across a rather interesting topic… Running an actual Linux distro on your Chromebook?


To begin, running Linux on a Chromebook isn’t a new topic or fad… But I still have to admit it is pretty cool…So anyway, the whole ordeal about running Linux on a Chromebook is true and it is actually pretty useful!!! I mean, why stay locked down to using basic proprietary tools in Chrome OS when you can unlock a whole potential of better computing capabilities for free!

Diving in Details

Although running Linux on a Chromebook sounds fun and all, it still requires a good bit of work on the installers hands!!! Especially, if you have an older Chromebook that uses an Armv7 Processor!!!

So, there are multiple ways and processes you can use to install Linux on a Chromebook…For example; you can dual boot Linux and Chrome OS, or you can simultaneously run Chrome OS and a Linux Distro of your choice! In this post, I will be covering the second option as it is much easier for me, and for you!

Actually, Getting Started

I am going to assume that you have already placed your Chromebook in developer mode so you can easily access Bash on it!

To enter a shell, first we will need to simply run:


Next off, you will need to download Crouton! You can do so by running something like the following:

cd ~/Downloads && curl -o

After accomplishing the previous commands you’re clear to execute and startup Crouton by running:

sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce

This will start the download and installation process for Ubuntu LTS which will use Xfce!!!

After successfully running these commands you can now finally access your new machine by lastly running:

 sudo startxfce4

which will start the system using Xfce!!!


As by now, you should have successfully installed Crouton and have an actual Linux distro working on your Chromebook device!!!

As a side note, it is important to remember that if you really enjoy running Linux on your Chromebook, you can possibly and most likely install the distro permanently to your Chromebook! Although, it is becoming very hard to do on Arm Chromebooks since they’re outdated… 🙁


Feel free to leave your thoughts and post ideas below!


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