Why you shouldn’t reuse passwords

Reusing passwords is a convenience that most of us could not deal with… BUT, there are a few major factors on why you shouldn’t participate in this ordeal!


Passwords define our lives in the sense that they govern our bank accounts and protect our phones so passwords pretty much rule us! But, have you ever stopped to think why they’re so important? Well, now that time and I’m going to give you a kickstart!

Passwords were basically invented so that personal data could only be accessed through an authorized participant! This means that a criminal that is looking to steal your bank account cannot just waltz right in the front door and essentially rob you of everything… They would have to get at least get your password that is protecting your data first! Now, it is important to note that passwords are not foolproof as there are techniques out there such as brute forcing built to try every possible combination…

Why you shouldn’t reuse them!

Even though convenience is always an advantage there is usually more disadvantages that come bundled with it! So reusing your passwords for the sake of convenience is bound to have serious repercussions! Refer to the example below to understand one way on how it is a bad idea!

Example: Let’s say that Googel **intentionally misspelled**, a company that does not ensure strict security for its users and its databases is hacked and the databases are acquired…  The hackers that have these databases now have access to all their user’s passwords and usernames/emails in plaintext. This means that if anyone of their users reused the same password and username/email the hackers now have access to that account also and so on and so forth! But luckily, there exists a quick and easy solution to this!


Reusing passwords is primarily done because users don’t feel like remembering another password!!! But a quick and free fix to this issue is called a password manager! Password managers basically store and generate all your passwords securely while traveling with you on your phone or computer!!! If you are interested in free password managers, I suggest that you check out my post on password managers here!

And until next time, stay safe, and feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

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