Problems on Windows vs Problems on Linux

This post is targeted towards any users that uses a computer and wants to see the different problems that occur on Windows vs Linux!

How Windows and Linux Differ

Before I begin the problem calling/listing 🙂 I will list a few short ways on how these two operating systems are different. To begin, the Windows NT(the kernel more modern Windows OS’es use) kernel is a closed source kernel, meaning that only the people working for Microsoft on the Windows Division team can see the source code and edit it… On the other hand, Linux is open source, hence anyone in the world can view its source code, and suggest modifications/improvements! Another differentiating factor here, is that Windows is much more common in the average household, but Linux is much more common in server hosting, which practically powers the entire Internet.

Windows vs Linux Problems

To get started, I compiled a list of bullet points in my experiences of using both Windows and Linux:

  • Windows is infamously known for its BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death! This is what happens when Windows decides it doesn’t feel like working correctly ever again and just dies and displays a blue screen of death with an error message. The equivalent to the BSOD on Windows is a Kernel Panic on Linux, this happens when you have malfunctioning hardware or very rarely Linux also decides to die… But either way, both are deadly frustrating!
  • Malware is a pretty common issue on Windows if you download things a lot or just browse the web… This “malware” can destroy your life by stealing your credentials and or slowing down your PC. The equivalent to malware on Linux would also be called malware but is much less frequently acquired.
  • Running modern games from Steam on Linux is quite a problem as most game developers don’t support Linux. Although building games for Linux has been becoming more popular it is still a good way’s off before all games support Linux. Anyways, this is quite the opposite on Windows as you will have a pretty big problem on having too many games to play!
  • Hosting a website on Linux is a piece of cake as just about any Linux distribution can do so for free! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Windows, if you’re planning on hosting an actual Website on Windows that is secure and actually works on the Internet it will cost you a bunch of money as you will have to purchase a subscription for Windows. Meaning that you just have to pay to use this “server” edition every month.
  • Software development on Linux is a whole lot easier than on Windows because your Linux Distribution comes with all your basic tools that are needed such as a text editor and compiler! In my experience, software development on Windows requires a lot more effort to setup as it does not come pre-installed!
  • Privacy on Windows is a joke as Windows ships your hard drive off first class mail every night down to Microsoft. On Linux Distributions this is just about the opposite!


In summary, both Windows and Linux have their advantages and disadvantages and depending  on where you stand on the Geek spectrum both should be able to meet your specific needs. But I will say that I do recommend Linux over Windows because mainly Linux actually respects a users privacy rather than Windows!

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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