The Most Secure Way to Communicate

Communication is considered a necessity today by most normal people. But, what is the most secure way to communicate?

Whats the need?

The need to communicate securely is a necessity… If it was wasn’t your computer wouldn’t be able to talk to your bank’s server securely and who knows what would happen! But, the real need is for privacy! What I mean by this is that the NSA, FBI and various other governmental agencies are tracking round the clock and reading absolutely everything we communicate about… This pretty much gives them an index of all people and their personalities, right?

But what if I told you that privacy is critical and that you can achieve it simply by a few keystrokes?

The Most Secure Way of Communicating

I would say that talking in person would be the best and most secure way of communicating with your accomplice. But, this is not the answer you readers want to hear so I’m going to dive deeper!

In traditional sites and blogs that I’ve researched have said that the most secure way is to send a letter… This is absolutely 100% wrong! As only laws protect that letter and if someone were to snatch it up they could easily get the contents… This is also wrong because if you’re communicating with another person, someone could forge that other person’s letter and trick you into doing something and there is nothing preventing that…

Anyways, I would say the most secure way of communicating is through OpenPGP… OpenPGP is commonly used in emails for secure communication between journalists and their sources! This is probably because it is very hard to forge a letter using OpenPGP and the encryption dealing with OpenPGP is considered to be very secure to most professionals and a weakness is yet to be found!


All in all, if you’re worried about your privacy you should definitely choose to use OpenPGP or some other form of secure encryption!!! But, if you don’t really care about your privacy feel free to do whatever you want! 🙂

Leave your thoughts about the most secure method of communication below!



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