Mac OS Security Lately

Mac OS’es low-quality security is all I’ve been hearing about lately. And to be frank, it’s not getting the attention it deserves…


For a quick briefing, Mac OS is the predecessor of Mac OSX and may have actually been a bad idea. Lately, numerous reports have been published about simple exploits and commands that can easily be executed on your Mac. Now it is also important to note that most of these “simple” exploits and malware have been patched (If you run Mac OS, now would be a good time to update)… And on an unrelated note, it is important to realize that malware has been on the rise targeting Mac OS users…

But anyways, lets jump right in and see an example!

An example

  • The first example pertains to gaining root access to Mac OS by simply typing “root”… Well, I’m not quite sure what the Mac Developers were thinking when they published this code… I mean this “exploit” if you will, is even easier to use than trying to gain root on Windows (which we all know how hard that is 🙂 )…  Luckily, this exploit only affects a certain version of Mac OS High Sierra and no other Mac OS version…Anyways, this is a very serious and costly mistake that I’m sure Apple will never make again…

What to do

Well, I’d say if you haven’t updated your Mac OS machine to the latest version, I would do so immediately… And that’s just about all we can do…  On an unrelated note, you could install Malwarebytes to ensure that none of the latest malware sneaks onto your machine without your permission!


Apple has really lost my respect for Mac, I mean I always thought of Mac as being secure, sometimes just as secure as Linux! Boy, were my assumptions wrong… I know now that it is never safe to assume that something is safe, and if it is not open source, I would be even more concerned. But, as always Apple swiftly patched the “exploits” before any criminals even realized, so Apple deserves a point for that…

Comment below about your experience with Mac OS and if you believe it still deserves respect…



  1. Noob_alert says:

    The malware issue can be easily solved by simply installing Malwarebytes for Mac or one of the many other anti-virus programs out there. Secondly, I didn’t hear of anyone exploiting any of these things before they were patched, so if you updated even within a day of the patch being released, you’re 100% safe. Also, something like WannaCry has never happened on Mac, so I still believe it’s more secure. Sure, Apple should do more testing, but at least they have full disk encryption options built in, that don’t require a pro version, or third party software, like Windows needs.

    1. NerdOfCode says:

      The majority of your statements are wrong… Also, I mentioned installing Malwarebytes, maybe you should actually read the whole post next time 🙂 !!! You also mentioned unrelated notes… Plus, it may not be called “Wannacry” but there is ransomware out there that can easily destroy your Mac…

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