The Easiest Way to Join the Linux World!

Are you interested in becoming a Professional Linux Geek? Or maybe you just want a new inexpensive hobby! Well, either way, you’ve come to the right place!

What you’ll need!

As all hobbies, there are a few requirements that are a must-have! Oh, and before you begin reading, it may be critical that you understand a few key words about servers and how they work! But other than that, please have a blast!

A few needed items…

The first required item on the very short list is a server! Now I know what you’re thinking, well how much is that gonna cost me??? Well, surprisingly it’s much much cheaper than you think! The price mainly depends on your configuration and my Linux configuration currently only costs me $2.50/month + tax. Which, in my opinion, is super cheap!!! If you’re looking for the same setup than I recommend you check out Vultr! They basically have an enormous variety of server configurations!!!

The last thing that you probably need is a way to access your server remotely! If you are running Windows, I recommend keeping it plain and simple and using something such as Termius! If you’re on Mac OS, or Linux you can just pop open the terminal and use the built-in SSH!!!

The above was really all that’s necessary, that is of course besides a motivation to learn and a willing brain 🙂 ! But anyway, just in case I will list a few optional bullets for those who’re interested!


  • Some programming books! These can be acquired fairly cheap on Amazon and the like!
  • A class/mentor would be great and a huge help, but is not necessary at all. In fact, I’ve never had a mentor and just look how I turned out!
  • Online tutorials/services also help out a lot! These can be found free on YouTube and you can pay for a much better experience on Udemy!

General Info

To begin, we will be accessing the server that you should have set up via Secure Shell or SSH! After performing SSH into your server it is really up to you what to experiment with!!! But if you’re really clueless about what you should try first, please check the list below!

  • Set up a web server such as Nginx and practice building your own live website!
  • Mess around with your system configurations
  • Mess around with Bash and begin creating shell scripts
  • Automate tasks that you perform regularly
  • Create notifications when some software breaks on your server
  • Mess around with Cronjobs
  • Use and experiment services that prevent system exploits such as Fail2ban and Psad!
  • Turn your server into a VPN provider/proxy host

Alternative Options

Accessing a server remotely is great and all, but what if you cant afford the monthly price? Well, it is good to know that there are a few alternative solutions to this staggering problem!

  • The first solution is that you could just locally setup a Machine that runs Linux by burning a CD/DVD and or using a flash drive! This would eliminate the monthly fee, and all that is needed is an internet connection, a removable medium storage device, and a currently working OS!
  • The second solution is that you could go to your local library and hopefully check out books about Linux! This is not a viable solution everywhere but as Linux becomes more and more popular its influence begins to spread!
  • The final option is that you could use VirtualBox with Linux! This would allow you to keep your existing Operating System while running Linux on top of that! All this solution requires is an active internet connection!

Side note: There are many other options out there that I did not list because of their unlikeliness!

Some things I’ve created!

A scripts repository with scripts in a wide variety of languages! –> Github

An open source social media platform! –> Github

I’ve also created and contributed to many other repositories and you can check out my profile page here!



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