Why I don’t use Disqus

Disqus is a very popular commenting system among other blogs, but there are a few major reasons for why I don’t use it…

What is Disqus

Disqus is basically a commenting system that is designed to run on all types of websites! Disqus is also very easy to use because it automatically setups social logins such as Google, and Facebook, which is a huge advantage because doing this yourself would require you to setup API keys and more! So all in all, Disqus is a very reputable company and is definitely the right choice for some people, but for others such as myself, is not wanted nearly as much…

Why I don’t use it

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Disqus makes it super easy to setup to connect Facebook and Google so your users can use these services to sign in. But, there are a few reasons for why I do not use it… To begin, Disqus can add unnecessary amounts of page load time which can ultimately turn away users that are willing to leave a nice comment on your blog!!! This is unacceptable for me, hence the first reason…

Another reason is that since the comments are actually hosted on Disqus, I have no control over whether the service is online or offline. This means that if Disqus doesn’t like my site or its policy or even just a users comment, it is free to turn off the lights any time it wants and is under no obligation to turn them back on anytime soon!!!

The second to last reason on why I don’t use Disqus on this blog is because of the tracking Disqus performs while users use their services… I believe they provide a similar analytics service towards that of Google Analytics… Which in my books is unacceptable because why in the world do they have to know every single detail about me?

The final reason why I stay far away from Disqus is that of their monetization services through serving ads in comments… Now I believe that ads are sometimes a good thing such as when I choose to display them on my site, but when Disqus gets to choose where the ads go in the comments and how many to display, it becomes too much for me to bare. So, I just stick with using Google Adsense… Its simple, easy to use, and I still give my users their privacy!

Why I Self-Host my Comments System

In effect of Disqus controlling whether the comments are allowed through or not, I have decided to self-host my comment system, which means that I’m free to choose whether or not to accept a comment and or its contents… Which is a huge plus for me, because I like to keep things fair and real!!! Another reason I self-host is that I’m free to choose the method of authentication a user must fill out in order to post a comment. Also, feel free to signup for ModernGeek’s newsletter to keep an eye out for a post about why you should self-host everything!

Check out Disqus, here!

A friendly reminder: Feel free to leave your comment below, if you use Disqus or not and why!

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