Why the AMP plugin was removed

The amp plugin was recently removed from WordPress.org’s repository of plugins and it has gotten its couple hundred thousand users a bit worried… Read on to find out more!

What was the AMP plugin

Well basically, the AMP plugin or (Accelerated Mobile Pages) does exactly what it stands for… It accelerates mobile pages which is actually extremely useful… If you’re browsing a website on mobile that supports AMP and you click one of their posts, you should be redirected to an AMP version which is specifically designed for mobile and is much faster, hence the accelerated… Using AMP can also gain you higher ratings with search engines such as Google!!!  Anyways, the AMP plugin that was removed did basically all the above and it was the best plugin by far, no other plugin came close… This is probably why it had 200-300x the active installs as the others…

This plugin was working great and was one of my favorite plugins, but out of the blue, it was removed from the wordpress.org plugin repository list… Now I only found out about this issue from Wordfence telling me that it was removed and that I should remove it from my site… Thanks, Wordfence!!!

My Theories on its Removal

Again, AMP was removed from the blue and didn’t even leave so much as a goodbye letter. But anyways, here are a few theories that I have come up with:

  •  AMP contained malware that was dangerous
  • The plugin author got bored and just removed it
  • The plugin was bought by the competition and shut down
  • The plugin author has a new version coming out soon… –> This theory is actually correct as the plugin is back online a day and a half later
  • WordPress.org sent the author a warning to fix an issue and he/she didn’t comply


What to do

Anyways, those were just a few of the better theories that I’ve come up with.  Now how in the world are we going to live without that amazing plugin? Well, there are a few possibilities that we have to choose from… The first one is that we can install another AMP plugin such as Better AMP, which I may consider installing and using very soon…  The second option is that we can just totally forget this ever happened and just use our themes slow mobile version. Or we can choose the least option likely here, and come together as a community and build a Better AMP plugin (Pun intended) that suits all of our needs and is open source!!!

Update: The AMP plugin back online as of today!

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