How to install Chromium in the terminal

Their comes a time in every man’s life, when he decides that he wants to install chromium in the terminal. Well, if this is you,  follow this post to simply install the chromium browser…

What is the point of this

Well, the point of this Jim is to improve your skills using the terminal and also improve your problem-solving skills! Or, maybe your Linux Distribution comes with the Konqueror web browser and you just feel like using a real web browser such as Chromium… Whatever the case, installing an alternative browser via the terminal will always come in handy(This has saved me more times than I care to say). Oh and before you begin reading this post, I will mention that I display simple options on how to install Chromium on systems with apt, pacman, dnf, but your method of installation may be better… Another side note that I should mention is that installing Chromium from the terminal basically installs the same version displayed if you actually go to the Chromium website to install it, but the website version will probably have a few updates!

How exactly can we do this?

Believe it or not, this is actually a very simple process that can be completed with only a few commands total no matter what system you are running! Anyways, please take a look at the below commands to finally learn out how to install Chromium via the Terminal!!!

Commands for Systems with Apt
sudo apt update
sudo apt install chromium-browser
Systems with Pacman –> My favorite
pacman -Syu
pacman -S chromium
Systems with dnf
dnf check-update
dnf install chromium

Launching Chromium

Depending on your install, launching Chromium should be a breeze! Simply run the below command if you installed using anything other than apt


or if your system does use apt, run the below command



In summary, installing alternative browsers in the terminal is a good life skill to have and it is very easy to learn and master. The only hard part about it is finding the packages name for the web browser you are trying to install.

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