Why you should have your own Email Server!

Are you deciding on setting up your own mail server? Well, read this post to find out a whole list of the advantages of your own private mail server!

Getting started –> What is a Personal Email Server?

A personal mail server basically allows yourself to have your own, fully customized personal email that can pretty much have any domain at the end (except the ones that are taken)! There is a couple of reasons why you may want to consider this. Although, On a side note, don’t you remember Hillary Clinton using her own email server? It is actually a lot more common than most people think… So it must come with its benefits, right?

Anyways, are you deciding on setting up your own email server? Well, take a look below to further your decision?

Why you should set one up!

To begin, personal email servers are usually created by people who want their more sensitive data to remain unseen by large corporate empires such as Google, and Microsoft. Another key point of starting your own mail server is the security behind it… Usually, the security is a lot stronger as you can enforce different settings on your own email server! These settings may include sending your emails with encryption or just simply to use your own spam filters! Anyways, check the list below for more information:

Advantage List of Personal Email Server
  • Allows full customization of the email server
  • Encryption is up to the user to use or not
  • You decide what Emails are actually spam!
  • Your emails aren’t being read by the NSA (at least if configured correctly), hence the Personal!
  • You decide on how long your emails are actually stored!
  • It’s your choice on when to take the server offline to update… This may not even be necessary with new features such as kernel life patching
  • Again, it’s your choice or rather your budget on how much storage for emails and documents you get!

I felt like adding this list wouldn’t be fair without listing the disadvantages… So here you are!!!

Disadvantage List of Personal Email Server
  • The budget for setting up your own email server can become quite costly after you factor in all the storage, bandwidth, and specs your server is going to need…
  • If your mail server is incorrectly configured, you may be vulnerable to an attack… Which could leak all your emails and sensitive data to the public!!!
  • Requires a good amount of configuration on the server-side.
  • With newly registered domains, and various other factors… Mail sent from these servers will almost always be marked as spam. At least if the receiver has Gmail’s spam filter.
  • If you run into a problem or bug. You will most likely have to spend hours trying to fix it unless you are willing to pay a professional :(!

Now it may seem like the disadvantage list is a little more detailed and may have a few more words… But all in all, I would definitely say having a personal email server pays off! Plus if forward and actually set one up, you can brag to your friends and maybe even sell them a subscription to it!


In summary, I believe a personal email server is best suited for people who want their own standards settings about how business should be done… At least that’s why I setup one!!! If you are about to set up an email server, some things to keep in mind would be that it can be very difficult and frustrating to set up, but the final product is ultimately worth it!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

If you plan on setting up your own email server now, please feel free to leave a comment below on why!!!


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