6 reasons why Linux is better

Linux is my favorite kernel in the entire world, which says a lot! Linux is truly amazing when you come to think of it, so here are 6 reasons why Linux is better!

A little background info first

Before I begin this list, let me just give you a tiny bit of background information on Linux! To start off, Linux is a kernel, NOT an operating system! A kernel in laymen’s terms, is something that basically operates in between the hardware and software of a computer. So yes, all operating systems have these, furthermore; Windows uses the Windows NT kernel, and Mac OS uses the Darwin Kernel. Anyways, Linux has been released for around 27 years now!

Getting to it!

6.) Linux is fast!

By fast, I mean that Linux has been designed from the ground up to run smoothly and efficiently, while maintaining large loads of work! This is why Linux runs great on old and fantastic on new computers!

5.) Amazing Platform support

By platform support, I mean basically the hardware (Such as the CPU and stuff like that) that the kernel supports. Now the Linux Kernel isn’t an ordinary kernel, it supports dozens of platforms!!! These platforms can range from anything from X86 to PowerPC systems!  For the full list of platforms I recommend checking it out on Wikipedia!!!

4.) Great Driver Support

Driver support is a huge advantage and can ultimately decide whether you use a certain operating system or not. With this being said, Drivers are basically Software that provide an interface between your hardware devices (Such as your Keyboard) and your operating system! Now that you know what  a driver is, Linux blows the competition away with its Driver support! Linux is actually mostly made up of driver’s which is a huge plus to people operating with lots of unique equipment  connected to their computers.

3.) Linux is Open Source!

Another enormous advantage of Linux is that its open source! This means that anyone in the world can read,  and edit (Has to pass through a moderation team) the Linux kernel! This is a huge advantage to the kernel because it allows people from all over the world to contribute to it. This is an advantage because it improves the diversity of the Kernel allowing more support for more devices while maintaining an undeniable high level of security! You can find Linux’s source code here!

2.) Linux is Free!

Probably everyone’s favorite fact about Linux is that its free!!! Although Linux is only a kernel, there are so many different distributions that use the Linux kernel that you can choose from! If you want a list of them all, I recommend checking out Distrowatch! Anyways, the advantage here is that Linux is free and will most likely continue to be free to use for the rest of time!

1.) Linux is Secure

Ever wonder why Linux powers almost all of the web(Examples include Google, Facebook, Apple)? Well, all of the reasons above are contributing factors, but perhaps the most important of them all is that Linux is secure… Linux is very secure thanks to it’s open source approach, along with ingenuitive security designs from developers all over the world.


In conclusion, the list above are only a few factors that contribute to the amazing Linux kernel as we know it!

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