President Trump and his big button

Trump has recently made a colossal statement that could in fact change the future as we see it

Kim Jung Un vs Donald J. Trump

So basically, North Korea’s president Kim Jung Un, released a statement saying that he has his button (Referring to his “nuclear weapons”) on his desk at all times. He has also said that he will only use it if threatened… So this a very serious statement that is either true or untrue… With this being said, we all know who needs to one up ole’ Kim, yes that’s right, Donald Trump…

Of course Donald Trump replies… Actually that’s an understatement… Not only does Donald Trump reply, he makes himself look like a child, and he also responds harshly which could be interpreted as a threat, which I’m pretty sure Kim said that he would use his button if he felt threatened… Ah, but what do I know…

What did Trump actually say

With Trumps actually tweet embedded below, lets go ahead and briefly absorb

its meaning:

I don’t even know where to begin… I guess first of all, I never expected the president of the United States to make a tweet that makes fun of another country (No wonder Trump has been losing supporters every month).  Another thing that shocked me is that Trump actually negated North Korea’s capability of launching a Nuclear Missile which is probably not the smartest thing to do because Kim doesn’t like to think too far into the future. Anyways, I’m not the only one thinking this way as there is a huge variety  of comments for this tweet that are comparing trump to toddlers.


I didn’t think it was possible… But Donald Trump let me down again and actually I am led to believe that he has let the entire country down due to his postings on twitter… Basically, the theme of this post is that president of the United States or not, Donald Trump does not think before posting on Twitter.

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