The best password managers that are free 2018!!!

Are you tired of memorizing hundreds of passwords at the expense of your brains storage? 

What is a Password Manager and the difference between them?

Well that sure is an easy question… A password manager is exactly what it sounds like, it manages your passwords!!! In today’s society, a password manager is absolutely necessary to ensure strong passwords and  .Anyways if you came prepared, you may have noticed that there are multiple password managers available to you today…

Which to choose?

For me, picking a password manager deals with a variety of factors. Some of these more primitive factors include, the encryption algorithms used by the password manager, the backup options available to the user, and the fees associated with it… With this being said, the list below represents my favorite password managers:

1.) 1Password 

Coming in at number 1 is 1Password… This is my favorite password manager because it uses (probably 🙂 ) the strongest and most secure encryption algorithm out there!!! 1Password also offers a variety of backup options available to PC and MAC users… Finally, 1Password is free for life and has premium options available but doesn’t force it upon its users.

2.) KeePass

KeePass is the least known password manager in this list, but it has key advantages… For one, KeePass free and open-source, meaning that anyone in the world (The code will be reviewed before going main stream though) can view, edit, and or change the code! Another advantage of KeePass is that it allows the user to decide what encryption algorithms they want to use and advanced configuration options for it. In conclusion, KeePass is free, open-source, and allows very specific user configuration! My favorite feature about KeePass is that it is available on every single device I have, ranging from Linux to Windows to IOS!

3.) Dashlane

Dash lane is a great password manager for those not trying to break the bank. It offers super cheap pricing for its premium plan starting at $3.33 a month (There is a free for life plan also 🙂 ). Their premium plan includes unlimited devices along with other great benefits. All in all, Dashlane is great for the average internet user…


Cyber security is reaching an all time high thanks to new threats coming out every month… For normal people to combat this issue, it is a good practice to use a password manager to ensure strong passwords and to prevent the use of multiple passwords on different sites (Yeah right, who would do that).


  1. Dadeyo says:

    What about MSecure?

  2. NerdOfCode says:

    That may be true! But I thought about writing an ultimate password manager post, and was saving it!

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