How to actually browse the web via the terminal!!!

In the past, browsing the terminal has been an intense pain that included numerous problems… This is still not a  thing in the past, but is still being developed… So I have high hopes…


Browsing the web is becoming more and more common in the terminal… But is it worth it? I would say at this point in time, no not yet… But, on the good side, it has been getting a lot of attention lately and will probably see more development as time goes on.

What is Googler and ddgr

Googler first and most importantly, both Googler and ddgr are open source. Anyhow, these utilities were primarily built for the average terminal user that wants to engage in simple terminal web browsing. The same thing can be said with the ddgr tool, but instead of Google web browsing it is meant to use DuckDuckGo (which I think is a huge plus). Anyways, googler is still being developed as of 4 days ago and is as far as I know, officially available for Debian, and Ubuntu. Yet, I have gotten it to work on Debian Derivatives, such as Linux Mint

How to install Googler and ddgr

Anyways, I’m sure you are wondering how to install these magnificent tools!!! To begin, in this tutorial we will only be installing these tools via apt, yet in the documentation they appear to be also available via Homebrew and  in the AUR. Anyways, TO install these tools on your Debian or Debian based machine, we must run the commands below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:twodopeshaggy/jarun

sudo apt udpate

sudo apt install googler ddgr

Basic Googler usage

As Googler and ddgr are practically the same things, I will only be covering very basic Googler usage(They only differ because one uses DuckDuckGo and the other Google). Furthermore, to begin using Googler we can proceed by simply typing:



Googler _The_actual_query_here

As you can see, searching the web via Google is a breeze, but an important side note is that Googler is much more capable and in-depth as I would like to talk about… But it is important to remember, if you actually are forced to use Googler it may be a good idea for you to learn some shortcuts and advanced usage for it!!!

Ex. Usage



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