The benefits of Sports

In one’s lifetime, they should have the ability to receive the benefits of a sport…


In my lifetime, I’ve had the fortunate ability to play a wide variety of sports that include soccer, football, and volleyball. During this time, I have realized that each sport contains a similar characteristic that usually if not always benefits the athletes… To begin, I will mention that this post is primarily based on my experience, thus my opinion… And also, feel free to comment if you feel I’m wrong 🙂

Actual Benefits

To begin the actual benefits of sports, I will start off by listing teamwork… A huge benefit to playing sports that include a team is that playing with all these different people will help teach the athlete teamwork and problem solving skills. Teamwork is essential for modern jobs because of the wide variety workforce that most people work in.

Another benefit of playing sports is the improvement of the athletes physical health. What I mean by this is that the overall physical health of the athlete will improve from exercise which can lead to a happier person which can ultimately lead to a longer life.

An additional benefit of playing sports is the overall improvement of the athletes mood.. For example; after a track member runs 15 miles across the desert, I bet they’re feeling a lot better than Jim down the street who just ate 15 pounds of McDonald’s…

My final benefit of sports is that playing a sport can help clear your mind and lower your anxiety… This helps calm you and can point to a healthier lifestyle, allowing you to live out anxiety free days!!!


Below you will find the basic advantages of playing sports summarized in bullet points:

  • Improves team building skills and problem solving skills
  • Improves physical health leading to a healthier and longer life
  • Improves the mood of the athlete
  • Can help clear the athletes mind and lower their anxiety

As always, feel free to comment below and have a  nice day 🙂


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  1. Dadeyo says:

    Maybe you should start your own sport? Create a sport to combine walking/running and computing/programming at the same time…

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