The importance of SSL

SSL has completely changed the online eCommerce industry along with all of our personal privacy rights….

What is SSL?

To begin, SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layers (SSL has now been replaced by TLS). An overly simplified version of what SSL means is that, it creates a secure session and encrypts the data in transit between your web browser, your phone, or any other device that supports it and is connected to the internet… So basically, SSL makes the data traveling un-readable to anyone but the server and the website. A good side note is that, most of the time when you see a “https://” in front of the URL, you are connected via SSL (TLS if you’re reading this now ) and your data will most likely be encrypted…

The importance of SSL

People in today’s society could not possibly live without SSL because of a few keen factors… But, why exactly is SSL a necessity? Well Jim, I’ll tell you now, as I briefly mentioned earlier in this post; SSL encrypts all the data in transit in between your browser and your connected device creating a secure environment to exchange private and personal data.

For example;  let’s say that king Justinian over there is packet sniffing (Basically reading all the packets flowing through a network) while Ansley over here is conducting online banking via HTTP (or no SSL). Justinian will easily be able to see all of Ansley’s Financials, her login details such as username and password in plaintext, and other critical details about herself… As complicated as I may have made this sound, it is actually relatively easy to accomplish…

Anyways, if Ansley was using SSL, her data would’ve been encrypted, so only two computers would’ve known what her personal details and credentials were… So, Justinian would never have been able to see Ansley’s details all he would see is practically an encrypted alert on the packet level…

Advantages of using SSL

If I still haven’t convinced you that SSL is important, try looking over my list of advantages for SSL:

  • Secures your personal data on a public network
  • Secures your data while its traveling over the internet
  • Disallows others from stealing your personal information


In summary, SSL provides a secure environment between your computer and the web sites server. This allows for both computers to securely communicate between each other and dis-allow hackers and thieves from looking upon and stealing your personal data.

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