Disadvantages of Windows

Windows has had some pretty nice updates lately, but it still has some disadvantages…


I know, I know…

Some of you geeks out there are arguing that Windows is the best operating system out there, and it will forever be.  Now, I will admit that Windows has been improving a lot lately, especially since the release of the fall creators update. But anyways, what you nerds may not realize is that no matter the platform; every single one has its own unique disadvantages. With this being said, Windows has a few key undeniable disadvantages…

Disadvantages of Windows

The key disadvantages below are primarily based on my own experience with the operating system… With that being said, the summarized list of my Windows disadvantages is below:

  • Pre-loaded with unneeded/wanted junk –> Ex: Skype, Candy Crush, among other apps that just decide to install themselves…
  • Weak anti-virus solution software installed –> Ex: Windows Defender
  • Not accurately optimized for older/select hardware
  • Less secure file permissions than other operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS
  • Windows is more vulnerable to Virus’s and other types of Malware than any other operating system
  • Incorrectly optimizes system resources –> Ex: Creates excessive lag because it incorrectly handles the distribution of RAM and swap
  • With all the default privacy settings on, Windows basically ships your hard drive off over night to Microsoft so they can “analyze and improve” their data… Yeah right…


As you can see in the list of disadvantages of Windows above, the list quite frankly only exemplifies only very small amount of the disadvantages of Windows. The main disadvantages of Windows in my experience will primarily deal with insecure file permissions, the built in privacy settings on Windows and probably the weak anti-virus installed, thus causing the majority of the vulnerabilities.

As always, feel free to comment on your thoughts and if you approve or disapprove of my opinions in this post. Oh and don’t forget to share this with your friends!!!


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