Should you use Chrome OS right for you?

What’s fast, lightweight, and secure? Chrome OS!!! Planning on buying a Chromebook but not sure if the OS is worth it? Read this post to find out more!!!


Recently, I wrote a post about whether or not if you should get a Chromebook ( here)  and I listed its advantages, to follow that up I will be listing the advantages of using the actual Chromebook Operating System known as Chrome OS…


To begin, let me start off by saying that I have been using Chrome OS as my main operating system for a few months now and I am pretty use to its ups and downs, insides and outs…  Although Chrome OS may be my primary OS, I do also use Debian and sometimes Windows.

Actual Information

Some people may argue that Chrome OS is a joke or is only for College students. Although these people may be right about the College part because Chromebooks were designed to run off the cloud and be efficient in terms of memory and power. These accusers fail to see the big picture surrounding Chromebooks… Chromebooks were designed as I said before to run off the cloud and have easy access to the clouds best features… Chrome OS wasn’t designed to run heavy graphic games  or build silly Java applications… So if you’re looking to super heavy real time games on Chrome OS, I’m afraid its best to look else where…

Upsides to Chrome OS

Anyways, Chrome OS is the default operating system that comes installed on Chromebooks. Chrome OS may be considered light weight and fast but it does certainly have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Chrome OS:


  • Lightweight
  • Fast for Web Browsing
  • Great for using with Google Cloud Products
  • Secure –> Uses Linux Kernel
  • Loads of accessibility features
  • Lots of extensions and applications available form the Google Web Store
  • Newer versions support the Google Play Store, meaning millions more apps
  • Very efficient in Memory and Power usage
  • Usually great battery life
  • Great Graphical User Interface


  • Can’t run compiled games
  • Less Driver support for accessories

As you can see, in the above list the advantages clearly out weighs the Disadvantages 5:1. These are just some of the reasons on why I would choose Chrome OS over Windows every time.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments below!!!

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