Why you should use Cloudflare!!!

Cloudflare is most notoriously known for its amazing DDoS protection…

This post is based on the Cloudflare free plan.

Before I dive in, let me give you a little background information about Cloudflare…

What is Cloudflare

Cloudflare is basically most known for its DDoS mitigation or in Lamens Terms helps dull DDoS attacks. Cloudflare also provides DNS, and internet security services… With this out of the way, Some of you may be asking yourselves, “what in the world is a DDoS attack???”. Well that’s a simple one, DDoS attack’s basically flood a targeted site’s server with usually thousands of  requests from unique IP addresses causing a Denial of Service. During these attacks the targeted server can crash from too many requests.

Why I use Cloudflare

Luckily for us, A company named Cloudflare came about in 2009 that offered a quick, easy and free solution to the issue. As Cloudflare advertises they have 10Tbps capacity which is an unheard of amount of data that it can handle in a mere second.

Advantages of using Cloudflare: 

  •  Not only does Cloudflare provide DDoS mitigation, they can also improve the performance and speed of your site. This means that it has the possibility of loading faster while increasing its performance through optimizing your website!
  • Another plus of using Cloudflare includes the insane reliability of its DNS services. With over 35% of the market share, Cloudflare provides the largest, fastest, and most reliable DNS services!!!
  • Another huge benefit to using Cloudflare is that it can tell difference between an actual visitor and a bot which helps a lot!!!
  • Cant afford an SSL certificate?? That’s no problem with Cloudflare because Cloudflare can provide you a shared SSL certificate with wildcard support!!! It’s about time I get my 50 subdomains secured…
  • Cloudflare is basically known for its DDoS mitigation but did you know that the free/basic plan has an unmetered Mitigation of DDos?
  • Finally, Cloudflare is insanely easy to set up!!! With just a few clicks you can have your site mitigating DDoS attacks, and improving security and performance.


  • Has a very little possibility of actually slowing down your site…
  • Cloudflare can see passwords while in transit… This is not a problem though, Cloudflare has never gotten in trouble with this…


As you can see,  in this case the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages 5:2. Who wouldn’t want to use Cloudflare with these great Advantages???

Leave your thoughts in the comments below about why you use Cloudflare or not!!!

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  1. NerdOfLinux says:

    You forgot to mention that time cloudlfare was caching pages with the user name and password filled in!!! But great post otherwise!!!

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