Why I switched to HTTP

Recently on my blog I have switched it back to HTTP.

After numerous suggestions and some advice from Colleagues of mine, I have decided to permanently move my site to HTTP instead of HTTPS. I have still left the option available for users that want to use HTTPS though (Just use the prefix https:// instead of http://), but really who needs an encrypted session with my server if all you’re doing is reading one of my blog posts?

Factors of Switching

Switching to HTTP was a big deal for me and I gave it a large amount of consideration, after being persuaded by NerdOfLinux to switch to HTTP I decided to… Switching to HTTP was such a big deal for me because it requires a large amount of work for me to do, this is because HTTP uses port 80 which I already have another service using that port which will require me to have another service that fixes that problem… This service is called an SSH Multiplexer which I had help setting up from NerdOfLinux, I may write a post about this Multiplexer at a later date…

Benefits of using HTTP

Using HTTP is a huge benefit for me and my server, these reasons include the following:

  • Improves load time on my site
  • Decreases needed resources for Apache2
  • Removed overhead of HTTPS


  • No longer a default encrypted session between my users and my server, but this is pointless for a blog with no login… And if you still want to use HTTPS simply add the prefix
  • Doesen’t look as cool…

All in all, as you can see in this day in age, my blog has no need for HTTPS and it will benefit more from HTTP.

PLEASE NOTE: for the mean time my server was switched back to HTTPS because of numerous errors using HTTP… (thanks to NerdOfLinux)

Please leave your thoughts in the comments about whether this switch was a good idea or not!!!

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