Why I don’t use Google Search

Google is an enormous online company, that is obsessed with what its users are doing constantly….

Before I begin my rant, I must mention that Google is a great company that I very much enjoy, I use most of their other services such as Google Drive, and Chrome OS. But no matter what, all companies big or small, eventually start making mistakes (Mistakes can be good because it can offer a learning experience)…

Why I stopped using Google as my primary search engine

Google is probably most well known for its search engine, some geeks may also say it is infamously known for it. To scratch the surface of the matter, I stopped using Google as my primary search engine because of its faults, these faults include its mass surveillance against its users(Note: Google Monitors almost all of its products the same) which it has gotten into trouble by performing in the past. I believe that this is unnecessary and that Mass Surveillance violates our privacy rights as humans. Now are you going to tell that Google needs this mass surveillance data to keep thriving? Of course not, I am sure that with a little brain power,¬† Google can easily come up with a much better solution that doesn’t involve mass surveillance or surveillance means…

Yet another reason

Another reason why I stopped using Google as my primary search engine is that instead of actually showing the most relevant search results, it bases the results on the highest monetization rate. Another downfall of the search engine is that instead of actually basing content creators  website on its quality it is actually based on its popularity, which is downright not thought out. Why in the world would a blog with great traffic but terrible content get more views than a well thought out blog but that has low views???


Anyways, in this post I covered reasons why I don’t use Google. The reasons included were that Google conducts mass surveillance, and that it wrongly decides the top search results based on its own monetary gains and the popularity of sites, which yet again I think it should be based on the sites content rather than its traffic. All in all, if you don’t like something you don’t have to stick with it, with this being said my favorite alternative to Google’s search engine is DuckDuckGo!

Leave your thoughts in the comments if you agree or not!!!

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