Why I now use Debian

So far in my lifetime I have always preferred a fresh install of Ubuntu(Warning Linux Geek Post).

 Why I used Ubuntu

Now before we get started, let me just mention that Ubuntu is great in its own ways, such as its probably the best distribution for newbies to Linux. I always used Ubuntu because I thought it had the best features to offer and mostly because it was free and simple to use.  These feature would be an easy to use user interface(UI), a great software distribution center, and I thought it used the least possible resources available. To simply put it, I was wrong.

My experience

In the past few months, I have begun experimenting and gaining experience with other Linux based server distros. I would either use VirtualBox, or rent another VPS for temporary hosting. These “distros” I was experimenting with are Debian, and Fedora. In my experiments I have noticed that both Debian and Fedora use noticeably less system resources as compared to Ubuntu. Another big mark I saw was that both Debian and Fedora could handle very small DDOS(Distributed Denial Of Service –> Basically used to make a website offline) attacks much better than Ubuntu, which would max out its RAM and CPU resources nearly everything almost crashing my machine. Collectively, these marks all add up and eventually contributed my switch to Debian.

Why I didn’t switch to Fedora

Fedora is also another great Linux-based Distro don’t get me wrong, I probably like it just a bit less than Linus Torvalds himself. Now there are a few things that I also noticed about Fedora, for one it uses a completely different package management system, I basically cant live without apt while Fedora uses yum. Another discouragement from Fedora is that it uses a bit different software than Debian and Ubuntu, one piece of this new software is SELINUX, now let me just say one thing about it, its garbage(not that I could build a better security system). Another new piece of software to me was firewalld , I must’ve spent hours trying to get nginx running on Fedora checking all my firewall rules and whatnot. Eventually I came across an online forum that said firewalld was not configured to accept requests from HTTP, you wouldn’t know how happy I was to fix this brain teaser. Anyways, those are the are just some of the reasons why I didn’t switch to Fedora, to recap its mostly because of its different software.

Why I switched to Debian

During my experiments I noticed that Ubuntu was very similar to Debian, this is probably because Ubuntu is based on Debian. Anyways, because Ubuntu was based on Debian, it used mostly the same software which was a  major plus for me. Another plus for me was that Debian used Apt which is yet another great plus for Debian. Another reason I switched to Debian was its resource management(I know the Linux Kernel handles this), Debian appears  to use a lot less resources than Ubuntu. On a fresh install, Debian was using half of the RAM as Ubuntu was, another great plus for me. These factors and various others all contributed to my switch to Debian


In summary, Debian is much better for more advanced Linux users, while Ubuntu is great for Linux newbies. Not to forget Fedora, Fedora is practically an ocean away from Debian and Ubuntu which is why I didn’t switch to it quite yet.

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