Why I want a macbook

Macbooks have been seen as glorious devices since the prehistoric era of compact computing.

Macbooks are viewed as the upper class of laptops in the computing world, in the car world they can be seen as the equivalent of a Mercedes-Benz to a Kia. I sincerely enjoy the aesthetics and the lush appealing physical appearance of these glorious Macintosh machines…

Why I want one

Macbooks are power house computers that can pack a huge a punch, that is they cost a lot of money. Macbooks may be relatively expensive but they have great upsides to the huge cost. For one, they’re great for college students because of easy portability(lightweight and thin), they require no anti-virus, and they’re also great for software development not to mention they make you look so much more professional!

Why there is no substitute

Now I know some of you out there may be saying, well why don’t you get a Windows laptop for a fourth of the price as a Macbook right? Well I have actually already tried that and I truly regret it… I purchased a Windows laptop with 4gb of RAM, a core i3, and a 1/2tb hard drive only to find Windows crashing every other day and telling me that it has to update every day and waste hours of my time.

Anyways in my experience Mac OS is the only operating system out there(excluding any Linux-based distros) that has the best reliability with the easiest functionality and practicality. And again I don’t feel like wasting several hours of my valuable time configuring Windows when Mac OS is plug’n play. Finally, MacOS has insane reliability, again in my experience and people that I’ve met Macbooks tend to outlast almost all Windows laptops.

Purchasing an old Macbook

Recently I have purchased a 7 year old Macbook with default specs and it ran just fine. By fine I mean it browsed the web, ran the terminal and other daily activities just fine while my 7 year old Windows computer with default specs can barely manage turning on.


In conclusion, I will be saving up to purchase an almost maxed out Macbook pro that I plan will last me at least half a decade to a decade.


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