My view on outer-space

In the endless void of space, the Earth is a mere microscopic oasis of germs….


The Earth is considered small to the sun because the Earth can fit into the sun roughly 1.3 million times. Dang! Thats not all though, according to UniverseToday the sun takes up about 99.86% of mass in our solar system meaning that the remaining .14 is mostly taken up by Jupiter and Saturn… But if we were to compare our planet to the endless void of space, we would be considered a mere microscopic germ.

Why we need to explore it

Most humans have undeniably mistreated the Earth in the last couple hundred years or so, with the need for oil and gas drilling these substances is at an all time high. The Earth doesn’t have unlimited supplies of oil by any means and it also doesn’t have an overpopulated pollution get out of jail free card either. With this being said, it is probably a good idea to begin exploring options into space travel and other planets to go suck the life out of. I mean live on… But for real, if we don’t change our current methods of energy sources we’re undoubtedly putting our future generations in deep trouble. This is why we need a new space race, to increase our backup options in case of a global oil crisis.

Alternative Solutions

You Geeks may be saying well why cant we just create a solution to this problem without leaving our planet. Well that answer isn’t as simple as talking about going to other planets… In order to fix the problem we are currently seeing on our planet, we would need a new ultra clean fuel source that produces very little pollution in output. We would also need a new solution on ways to dilute current air and land pollution(or ocean pollution).

My solution

My solution in order to fix our current energy and pollution situation would be to explore external planet solutions while uniting all nations all across the world to participate in a global hackathon for energy and pollution solutions.

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