My view on Global Warming

Global Warming is a big issue whether you believe it or not.

What is Global Warming

Global Warming or climate change is basically a century scale that collects data on the average temperatures of our planet and what its effects on it are. Vast amounts of reports have been recently published detailing how the planet is warming because of humans releasing too much green house gases and how we are going to be in trouble if we don’t do something. Right???

Whats the problem?

The main problems of global warming is that a major change in the average temperatures of planet Earth could have a dramatic long term impact on anything from our Oceans to Extreme Weather. Well luckily this doesn’t sound too for us humans because we live on land and our buildings are always becoming more weather proof. Right??? Wrong!!! These long lasting impacts on our planet will affect everyone and everything undoubtedly. The impacts will disrupt our ecosystem causing widespread panic in the food chain, leading to the extinction of thousands of upon thousands of species resulting in most likely the extinction of life as we know it…

My view

Some [childish] scientists and pro-trump supporters may argue that Global Warming is made up by the Chinese so they can get ahead of the U.S. in the booming industries. But sadly this is not the case, if anything this statement was made up by the Trump man himself. Anyways, I view this global warming situation as what should be one of humanities primary focuses of solving because if we continue our current trend of releasing green house gasses there won’t be a planet left to worry about.

Note: Thanks to Trump dropping out of the Paris climate deal, the U.S. hasn’t been even remotely trying to fix the issue as much as China or other countries.

My solution

My simple solution to this ever increasing issue is to dedicate a large portion of our worlds workforce and funding into finding an alternative fuel source for our transportation system. If we continue our trend of releasing these harmful gases, our primitive option will have to be to abandoned planet Earth. Side note: I realize that this is easier to say than to actually accomplish…

As always thanks for reading!!! Feel free to share your views, and ideas below!!! Also I meant no offense to anyone in this post!


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