Why I don’t use Google Analytics

Online privacy has been a hot topic lately, and thanks to online analytic companies, the issue hasn’t been improving


First of all, what is the basis of Google Analytics?  This software from Google practically tracks every breath of every second of your vacation at enrolled webpages. Google Analytics has been gaining a lot of new customers lately, this is probably because Google Analytics is free and is meant to be used concurrently with Google AdSense (Refer to later post)

Why I don’t use it

Google Analytics is a great piece of software for some people and at one point of this site, I too was enrolled in it. After some time of getting familiar with Google Analytics I came to a point where I realized that all of the data they were collecting about my visitors was creepy.

What I mean by creepy is that the software tracks everything my visitors and customers do. This overview doesn’t sound too bad but when you have a complete list of every single user that visits your site, it tends to be. Basically, Google Analytics collects and keeps all of this information on my customers, this information can range anywhere from an approximation of their home address(not sure why this is necessary??), to what OS they use…

If you think about it, what is even the point of seeing what the home address, or web browser your visitors use??? I mean, I understand the importance of seeing what is the most popular country overall visiting your site, but their home address’s really??? I’m also currently not sure for how long Google stores this information for, maybe eternity, who knows? Their is one thing I’m sure of though, its that I wont jeopardize my users privacy over some silly blog.


Instead of using a mass surveillance tool like Google Analytics, my solution is to build an extremely simple program that counts the number of page views each page gets, the overall countries of the users, and how the user got to your site.


Overall Google Analytics can be proved a great analytics tool for some companies but for me it just collects to much information about my users.

All of the information in this post was assembled and written solely by my biased opinion. If you feel like you want to have an argument with me, leave a reply below… Or if you just like what I do, leave me a nice response below!!! Have a nice day!

Update: As of 2019, I’m again using Google Analytics.


  1. Bigbobby says:

    Aye thanks for swaying my decision mate!

  2. NerdOfLnux says:

    But you still use WP-Statistics, which collect more or less the same info because???

    1. NerdOfCode says:

      WP statistics data is only stored on my server meaning that only I see the analytics of my site and not some greedy billion dollar company. Also WP statistics collects no where near as much information on my users as Google Analytics.

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