Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been getting a lot of attention lately, some of the attention is good but the majority is frightening.

AI, Good vs Evil?

To begin, artificial intelligence is the act of machines perceiving their own environments and taking their own actions with their own intelligence to address a situation accordingly. Lately, artificial intelligence has been down talked by Stephen Hawking, he talked about how artificial intelligence could end humanity as we know it.

In my opinion, artificial intelligence has the possibility of fixing all of humanities worst problems, while yet having the capabilities and a higher probability of making humans obsolete. I will start off by saying that I do not and possibly cannot encourage nor embrace the upcoming revolution of artificial intelligence. The main reasons for my conjecture is that Artificial intelligence will be misused/mistreated, make humans even more lazy, and will make the majority of today’s jobs useless.

Artificial Intelligence Misused?

Machines use artificial intelligence to learn from inputted information. If untrue information was entered into the input stream for the machine that is learning, the machine could thus learn untrue information and when asked for relevant information it would present the untrue information. Now picture the untrue information inputted on a mass scale, whatever pulls from the machines intelligence would represent this untrue information and in return giving all of its users untrue information. In this case, the learning machine would have a negative impact on society.

Humans more lazy?

Humans have been getting less and less exercise over the years thanks to new technologies such as Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc… These technologies have kept humans glued to their phones 24/7, while they’re in school, at lunch, before bed, and hundreds of other times daily. Artificial intelligence would contribute to an ever growing human laziness because a well trained AI could instantly do a college students homework. Perhaps, a well trained AI could even create, and build your science fair project or write the next best selling Steven Spielberg novel… Again, Artificial intelligence would have a negative impact on society.

Useless Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence has already rendered tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of today’s jobs already useless. With an ever increasing machine intelligence, AI could replace the majority of today’s jobs as we stand. For example; a mechanic, an Artifical Intelligence could scan a car or use some other algorithm and automatically detect what’s wrong with it, and deploy a fix. This is not the only case that Artificial Intelligence would render the majority of today’s jobs useless, other situations include computer programming, story writing, engineering solutions, etc… And once again, AI had a negative impact on society.


Artificial Intelligence may have appeared to benefit humanity in the short run, but in the long run my projection appears to show an overly negative impact on society because it can be mistreated, makes humans more lazy and will render most of today’s jobs useless. My solution for the issue is to create a set of laws that sets the boundaries of what AI’s are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. For example; prevent AI’s from becoming overly intelligence and taking over the world! That last sentence may have been a bit overdramatic…

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