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Planet Earth is not perfect by any means, planet Earth can use a few changes here and there, planet Earth needs your help through petitions!!!

First of all, petitions are usually meant to change a standard by the means of people signing and then usually sending that petition with all those signatures to a high ranking government official. Petitions are generally in my sense, created to improve standards, for example; there is a petition going on right now that is trying to get Trump back to supporting the Paris Climate Deal.

New Technology

Back in the old days, petition(s) were signed on ole’ black and white paper, but the petition industry has recently been disrupted. This disruption has been of course caused by new developments of technology and various other tech-related topics, the main cause of the disruption can be triangulated around a rather new site located at This site ( displays prominent and industry changing petitions that are being signed by tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands other people around the nation. This site has been named “The go-to site for Web uprisings” by the New York Times. Thanks to thousands of wrong doings have been corrected thanks to a mere petition

Why the little Petitions matter

Has your mom ever told you “it’s the little things that matter”?. Well I believe she would be right in the case of petitions. Petitions can not only change your world, but they have the greater ability of altering the future of humanity. Lets say for example, a little town named Grensburgly has a known corrupt educational system and only a certain group is allowed to thrive there.


In order for this corrupt educational system to be fixed, an online petition could be started to gain public attention to the case. Then, once the case has a good amount of public signatures , the case would then have a lot more momentum on the fixing the educational system rather than not. Once the petition eventually fixes the corrupt educational system, students of all groups are allowed to thrive and take what classes they want to take.


Billy who was restricted before the petition can now take the Computer Science class he always wanted to and now he is outperforming by far all the other kids. Billy is so good at Computer Science that he gets a full ride to MIT at the age of 16. At MIT, Billy creates a program that can prevent online bullying before it even happens. Hence, Billy changes the future of humanity, all from the start of one signature on a petition in a town that nobody in the world has ever heard of.


Some Causes I support


  • Stop the Sabal trail pipeline –> This petition basically tries and stops the Army Corps of Engineers from building a pipeline through Alabama, Georgia and Florida, that runs by animal sanctuaries
  • Protect Our Children –> This petition was actually a confirmed victory with over 236,000 signs. This petition basically prevented the Senate Bill 500 from being pass in



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