My view on School

Do you feel bored in school? Do you think school is pointless? I agree.

My view on School

School is viewed upon by many as a sanctuary for learning, when in reality it is just a bunch of facts that are useless to most people. To fix this issue, schools all across the globe need to change their main focus, and academic awards. For better understanding, continue on reading.


Why schools need to change their main focus

Lets say Jim is in high school and wants to be an Computer Scientist, Jim has the top priority of taking and finishing all his core classes(that is English, Math, Science) well above the standards. Jim thus devotes most of his time into studying for the tests and quiz’s of his core classes rather than learning about what he actually wants to become, a Computer Scientist. This is pointless because Jim wants to be an Computer Scientist, not an English teacher. Hence, Jim is less prepared for an actual engineering job, because he was too busy studying for an English exam.

While in the backgrounds, Jenny the Computer Scientist was teaching herself how to code and the principles of Computer Science, she made every mistake a self taught Computer Scientist could make and more, making herself more qualified for the job! In the end, I believe the person with the more knowledge on their job topic will get the job over any non-prepared person.


Why schools need to change their academic Awards

I believe academic awards are an inaccurate profound way of saying that Jenny the Computer Scientist is not as smart as Jim, the guy who spent the majority of his life studying for the next quiz. With this being said, I believe that the academic award’s name should be altered to correlate to more of a “I’m better than you, smarter than you, and I’m going to make more money than you” type of award. Now this statement means no offense to high achievers in the field of academics in school… I’m merely trying to provide a point to my explanation.

Instead of having academic awards, schools should have a intelligence competition that includes all backgrounds of knowledge, which can range from the history of art to ancient computing. This new award would be of course called the “Nerd Quota”.


Advantages of School

  • Makes a more well rounded student
  • Teaches some life skills
  • Improves problem solving abilities
  • Builds friendships

Disadvantages of School

  • Learn everything but what you actually want to
  • Occupies most of your day
  • Requires outside of school studying and finishing homework
  • Creates a non-stress free environment

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