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Have any computer geek friends? Read this post to find out what they are actually talking about


Some of you with computer geek friends out there have been annoyed about their friends talking about Computer Programming all the time. In this post I will define the question “What is Computer Programming?” and I will give you my best advice for learning it!

Important Terms

Computer Programming –> Basically a language that contains instructions for a computer

Compiler –> Software that translates code in one computer language to another. An easy to understand example would be translating C++(programming language) into 0’s and 1’s.

High Level Language –> An easy to understand computer programming language, making it more natural.

Low Level Language –> Basically the opposite of high level languages, low level languages are hard to understand because they relate very little to regular speaking languages.

Machine Code –> Basically the one’s and zero’s you see in hacking moves. On a side note, its impractical to program in Machine Code because of its tediousness.

Syntax –> Basically refers to word order and structure.

Advantages of Learning Computer Programming

  • Computer Programmers are practically needed in every field of business in the world!!!
  • Computer Programmers can work from anywhere, especially at home
  • Computer programmers median salary is around $61,000 a year while the average salary in the U.S. is  $51,000 according to

Beginning in Computer Programminng

Python –> I recommend pure beginners in computer programming to check out a language called Python because of its easy implementation, extremely portable, and you don’t have to mess  with memory allocation! To get started you will need to download the latest Python source code for IDLE, you can click here for the list of available downloads! I recommend downloading 3.x for newer users because it will most likely be supported longer and at least I think it has easier syntax plus a whole lot more functions. After you have finished downloading and installing that, you can open IDLE and write your first Python program by following the syntax below:

print("Hello World!")

After simply typing and saving this newly created file, you can run the module by clicking the “F5” key.

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