What, Linux?

The Operating System Market is a battleground for Geeks…

This battleground is currently being mixed up now thanks to a Kernel* called Linux! Operating Systems that are based on the Linux kernel include but are not limited to Ubuntu, Chrome OS,  and Android. All of these Operating Systems have a few things in common. A big one is that they’re taking over the OS market.


Linux’s Operating System market share is now up to 2.5% according to netmarketshare. This percentage may seem small to Window’s users but this is a major accomplishment for mostly open source Operating Systems based on Linux, and before you know it Linux will be up to 5% then 10% then 50% and so forth. Just for a comparison, Windows 7 currently controls around 48.53% of the Operating System Market share. But, Linux (and Unix) has the majority market share of hosting web sites, coming in around 67% according to W3Techs.


Check out WhyLinuxIsBetter.net for a bigger list.

  • There has been studies that have proved that Linux is clinically immune to most viruses. This may be because Windows and Linux run different software and hackers don’t feel like attacking Linux because of its “small” user base.
  • Most Linux-Based operating systems are free.
  • No annoying updates that render your computer unusable for hours at a time.
  • Barely any proprietary software
  • Completely customizable to your liking’s
  • Takes minimum CPU and RAM resources, great for old computers. Even better for new ones.

Why I choose Linux every time

  • I chose Linux and will continue to choose Linux over any Windows Operating System because of [Linux’s] great open source community, it’s easy to configure to your needs, and it is fantastic for computer programming because of its extensive support.

Linux beats Windows

  • Linux is much more efficient and secure than Windows,  which is probably why it runs the majority of IoT devices, web servers, laptops, and mobile operating systems.
  • Some common examples of platforms powered by Linux include: Wikipedia, Android, and Chrome OS.
  • Some Linux distributions only require 256MB of RAM while some Windows Versions require gigabytes at a time…


Are you becoming tired of Windows eating up all of your computers resources? Are you tired of the intense three hour updates of Windows? Are you tired of paying a premium fee on a non-premium Operating System? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should definitely check Linux out!!!

*Kernel –> Operates between the machine and software on a computer

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