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Tired of paying ridiculous AWS server hosting fees?

Services like AWS have been breaking the banks of small companies and individual sites of its users. This ends here thanks to new emerging companies such as Vultr and Digital Ocean. If you’re interested in checking out new VPS offers and their companies plus my amazing rankings on them, than I highly recommend reading the rest of this post!

What is a VPS?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is basically¬† a virtual machine(OS) alongside other virtual machines on top of one physical machine or server that is dedicated to one’s personal needs… These so called VPS’s are primarily used for hosting websites. One disadvantage of VPS’s is that since multiple people share one physical machine there can be foul play where one user eats up everyone’s bandwidth causing limitations to your VPS. This is one of the reasons why it is important to choose a reliable hosting company, check out the comparison of reliable companies below.


Below you will find a table of VPS service providers that I decided to index. You will find that I provided their cheapest VPS configuration with their specs, and my rankings on them. Check it out below:

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My choice

  • My personal favorite VPS hosting company has to be Vultr due to a number of reasons… Vultr is also very likely to stick around for a while thanks to its increasing customer base and its unrealistically cheap pricing. To find out about Vultr’s cheapest VPS configuration called “sandbox” read below:

Vultr VPS sandbox

  • 512MB of Random Access Memory(RAM)
  • 1 Central Processing Unit(CPU)
  • 500GB of Bandwidth
  • 20GB Solid State Storage(SSD)
  • Fantastic Customer Support


Just on a side note about VPS specs. Most VPS companies only provide their users with access to vCPU’s that is virtual central processing units. Vultr offers complete access to a real physical CPU core which in my research are more powerful than a vCPU. I have seen that companies such as DigitalOcean and a few others only give their users access to vCPU’s.


I recommend Vultr over any other VPS hosting platform due to their insane reliability, amazing customer support, and unbelievable cheap pricing. Vultr has many other benefits, these benefits include free Snapshots, great promotions currently running and a great online console. With this being said, I do not recommend to AWS to any beginning users because of its complexity.

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