How to easily upgrade to the latest Linux Kernel

Are you having troubles upgrading your Linux system to the latest Kernel? Well look no further!!! Follow this super simple tutorial to upgrade yours now!!!

Why upgrade to the latest Kernel?

Well there are a few major reasons why should definitely upgrade to the latest kernel, whether it is only a reported bug fix or major upgrade. Well here are the reasons below:

  • Fix annoying bugs
  • Increase the stability of your operating system in general
  • Improve the overall security –> Security Patches come out nearly every day

It is important to remember that the above list is just a very quick overview of kernel updates… Now what are you waiting for? Lets get to it!!!

Getting Started

Targeted Audience: Ubuntu/Debian based users, or practically any systems with apt

Overview: In this post we will be using an executable bash script to simply upgrade your kernel to the latest version. This script can be found on GitHub here, thanks to the author @Muhasturk.

Here we go!!!

  • To begin, you will need curl installed, if you current do not have it installed, run:
apt install curl
  • Next, change to your preferred directory for the script to be downloaded to, then run:
curl > ukupgrade

After that, give the script executable permissions by running:

chmod +x ./ukupgrade

Next, execute the script by running:


Making the Script a Command

In order to be able to execute the script wherever you are, start by copying the script over to the /usr/bin directory, you can do this by running:

sudo cp ./ukupgrade /usr/bin/do-kernel-upgrade

After copying the script, you can simply execute it by running:


And voila, after running this script it should download the latest kernel, unpack it, and install it within half an hour.

  • Note: With this script you can also download the latest low latency Linux Kernel.

Note: Be sure to reboot after installing and select the new kernel if you are prompted… Have fun with your new kernel!!!

If you are feeling up to the challenge, please leave a comment below with your experience with this post so I can know more on how to improve it!!!


This post is accredited to Mustafa Hasturk, you can visit their homepage


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