Windows is failing!

Windows 10 is in its prime, it has received glorious updates that have accomplished absolutely nothing.

Let me start off by saying that Windows 10 is pure garbage! I believe this solely because of its constant updates, inadequate anti virus, and useless propreitary junk.

Annoying Updates

  • Windows 10 seems to update more than any other operating system I have ever used. Not only are they constantly sending out updates, but they’re ruthlessly enforcing them.  Let me ask you something. Have you ever had a mission critical deadline and your Windows PC wont even let you use it thanks to Completing updates? IT IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST ANNOYING BLUE SCREEN IN THE WORLD!!!

Inadequate Anti Virus

  • Windows Defender is the “proprietary crap from Microsoft” said NerdOfLinux, and I couldn’t agree with him more on this one… Basically, Windows Defender is proprietary software from Microsoft that is useless except for extremely common malware that they contain the definitions for. I have recently discovered a load of malware on one of my Window’s PCs found by MalwareBytes , this hasn’t come as a surprise to me though, as I always thought of Windows as insecure. This may be one of the many contributing factors that have lead me to switch to a Linux Based distro.

Useless Proprietary Junk

  • Windows 10 is shipped with loads of useless junk or as they call it “Proprietary Software”.  This proprietary software isn’t completely harmless too. It can contain vulnerabilities, slow down your machine, and its practically useless. An example of this would be Windows secretly installing pointless apps in the background such as Candy Crush without the owners permission.

Tired of Windows Crap?

  • If you’re tired of putting up with Windows crap over the years, I have a solution! You can easily install a more secure, less demanding, open source and free Operating System. If you’re interested now, I recommend you search for tutorials that relate to installing Ubuntu as your primary Operating System.  Never heard of Ubuntu? To simply put it, Ubuntu is based on Debian which is built on top of the Linux Kernel* which is secure due to its open sourceness’ and its vast contributors(not to mention its free).


*Kernel –> A kernel basically operates between the software and the machine

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