What is GitHub[snippet]?

GitHub was practically the first Git repository hosting service in the world.Git and Hub?

Git –>  Some of you may be asking what does the Git  in GitHub mean, right? To start, Git was created by Linus Torvalds, it is primarily used for source code management, enabling users to track changes in files.Git is most commonly found  in terminal environments!

GitHub –> is practically an online or web based version of Git, which offers less complicated tools for uploading/editing/updating files online.  Please refer to the advantages of GitHub below if you’re interested in signing up!


  • Easy to use, fast setup, and trustworthly
  • Improves the open source community
  • Easier to get a job

Why I use GitHub

  • Insane reliability
  • Allows you to make your programs open source
  • Offers easy access to common licenses such as The MIT license
  • Increase productivity through source control
  • Easy overview on all my files
  • Decreases work to get a job

Facts of GitHub 

-Some facts from Wikipedia

  • Founded in 2008, making it almost 10 years old
  • Approaching 700 employees
  • 26 plus million users
  • Free and paid versions
  • Part of it written in Ruby

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