Why host WordPress yourself

WordPress is a popular Content Management platform (or CMS), that people primarily use for their blogs, for example; myself.

WordPress practically makes creating your blog as easy as 1-2-3, and not only is it efficient and fast, if you choose to host it yourself, ITS FREE!!! This post is for users that are arguing whether or not to start a blog, and how to do it.

Why Host Through a Company

Anyways, a person can get WordPress hosting through another group or company that will do all the server and website configuration for you, but this will come at a greater cost than hosting it yourself though. Purchasing hosting from a company can be extremely cheap for less benefits or it can be extremely expensive with unbelievable benefits, benefits range from an SSL certificate, to guaranteed 100% uptime. I recommend this option if all you need is to primarily host a WordPress site and you know little about Apache, Nginx (Apache and Nginx are both webservers) or Linux. But if you know a thing or two about a thing or two, than you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a WordPress site below:

Why host WordPress yourself

Hosting a WordPress site yourself may appear as extremely daunting or even impossible, I will say that it can be to some people. Hosting WordPress yourself can prove to be fairly easy if you know what you’re doing, but if not consider the Advantages and the disadvantages below to further decide on the future of your site.


  • ¬†Self hosting a WordPress site would bring down your yearly cost of the blog substantially
  • Enables you to understand the behind-the-scene workings of WordPress
  • WordPress by itself is free, so you will only have to pay the server fee’s


  • No tech support, all problems will remain on your shoulders
  • You’ll most likely have to get an SSL certificate yourself
  • Can require a more extensive knowledge on Web Servers and Linux


Summary:  I would recommend that the non tech enthusiasts should Purchase WordPress hosting. While the more tech oriented crowd should choose to host WordPress themselves as it is a good experience and is cheaper than purchasing it.

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