Why I enjoy coding

Coding is an extremely delicate topic.

To the outsiders of coding(a.k.a. Computer Programming), programming is only for geeks and nerds that have no friends and no life. But on the inside, coding is a forever magical place that encourages team collaboration and intense problem solving abilities.

I think of Computer Programming as probably the closest we’ll ever get to superhero abilities in our lifetimes. Just imagine being able to bend a computer screen to your will(That is it’s actual display and not the monitor itself), to make it do anything you want. Or imagine your self writing a 6 million line program that can barely model Windows XP(React OS). My point is that anyone with a half motivated focus on programming can change the online world and perhaps the real world to their needs and wants.

For example; you create a new hit game that every teenager in your school is playing and spending money on. You will become popular and rich at the same time, while never having to leave your house to build the game. If I have persuaded you to pursue Computer Programming, I recommended that you choose one of the languages listed below to start off:

Recommended beginning language(s):

  • Python –> Has fairly easy syntax and is quite simple to program in, not to mention its great support, community, libraries and it doesn’t need compiled. Python isĀ  probably the best beginners language.


  • Web Development –> Although some people dont consider Web Development programming, I do. I recommend web development because it is super easy to start off in, and you get your results immediately. Also, you wont have to download any software to build your first site. All you need is a text editor and a web browser. Some of the Web Development languages include HTML, CSS, JS(and Jquery), PHP, AJAX, and a few others.

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