Should you get a Chromebook?

As the title suggests, this post is for people who are looking into purchasing a Chromebook or who are interested in them.

First off, I’m sure that there are possibly a few people out in the world who have never heard of, seen, or felt the shear awesomeness of a crisp new silver Chromebook(Go Samsung!!!).  To begin, Chromebooks are a relatively new population of laptops that run the beautiful  Chrome OS(Linux-Based), which is currently on Chrome Version 62.  Chrome OS is designed to be very light weight aimed at cloud users, this is probably because Google(Started the idea of Chromebooks) is a cloud company. Hence, their products such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc… Are all  in the cloud.

Just a little History

Chromebooks first came out in 201

They were designed to only use Google Chrome, while having all their users data reside in the cloud. This has recently changed thanks to the Google Play Store.

The first Chromebooks were primarily sold by Samsung and Acer Inc..

Chromebooks are secure

For those of you who don’t know Linux is a secure open source kernel that is designed to operate between the operating system and the machine. A good number of Operating Systems are based off of it(Ever hear of Android???).  Linux being open source, means that anyone in the world can look at and create a pull request for changes. With this many eyes it really cuts down on vulnerabilities and other problems. Anyways, since Chromebooks use Linux they have very little need for an anti-virus program, this is also due to the fact that the end user cant run executable files or binaries on them.  So you can cross out those annoying viruses if you get a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can run Android apps now!

Due to the hard work over at Google, most modern Chromebooks come reinstalled with the Google Play Store meaning Chromebooks can now run Android apps. For the few outdated Chromebooks, they will most likely not receive the Play Store 🙁 .

Chromebooks are affordable

Along with all the upsides to Chromebooks, Chromebooks are extremely affordable. They start off at about $130 for a decent one according to Amazon, which in my book is extremely affordable compared to modern iPad’s which practically do the same thing. Not to mention Chromebooks are almost lighter

Chromebooks already have great apps

The meaning of this is that Chromebooks have a ton of fantastic extensions and apps built directly for them on the Chrome Web Store.  Some of the cooler extensions and apps include Ad-blockers(You’ll here my opinion about these programs shortly), SSH terminals, and even Python interpreters(Does it exactly what it sounds like basically). The extensions and apps listed above are on the Chrome Web Store, I didn’t even mention the endless possibilities on the Google Play Store.

Chromebooks work forever

I can back this accusation up with actual proof, I have a Chromebook that has recently turned four years old and it is still working like brand new, while still having the same design appeal as if it were new. The only downside to my old Chromebook is that it will not receive the Google Play Store which is a bummer. But all in all, I am extremely pleased with its spectacular performance for its age, and its non-problematic Operating System.

My view on Chromebook

As you can tell by now… I dig Chromebooks. I love everything about them, from their extreme portability, light weight software, flawless OS, to their indisputable Chrome logo. I also can complete this post by saying that I’m not biased on the topic either, I in fact highly dislike Google (You’ll find out later). I have a Chromebook and a few other mid-class laptops(4gb RAM – Core i3) and I would much rather take my 1 pound Chromebook over my 5 pound full blown laptop. In the end, your primary computer will have to fit your needs and everyone’s needs are different.

Forgive me if this post is imperfect, as it is my first real post.


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