Why I started this blog…

This blog may just be a blog to some people…

But to me, its something else, something magical. I started this blog in order to entertain, inform, persuade, and exaggerate(just a little) my ideas among other things… In the near future, I predict that this blog will deal with a variety of topics, some may range form new cool hip technology(basically tech related posts) while others will deal with highly probable upcoming nuclear disasters(JUST SPECULATION).

Some people, probably nerds or geeks, will disagree with me on my posts… I am fully willing to accept the fact that if somebody points out something incorrect in one of my posts, I will correct it and give full credit to the person(**cough*geek **cough*). Some of you humans out there may be wondering why I choose such a name as ModernGeek, I simply choose¬† the name because I thought it made sense to me and it didn’t sound nearly as bad as AspieBlogs(That would be NerdOfLinux’s personal blog)!

Advertisements -> In order to keep this site up and running with great posts and moderate traffic. I will display a maximum of 3 ads per page no more, I will not try to make a profit on the dismay of my users, instead I will just display the minimum number of ads on my site until I break even then I will shut them down…

Now keep on reading and enjoy this blog you geeks and nerds(not limited to).


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